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Market Analysis, Market Size & Share Estimation, Growth Factors, Competitor Analysis, Sourcing Analysis,  Engagement Models, Suppliers Landscape, Suppliers Performance Benchmarking, Supply Chain Analysis, Risk Analysis, Data Analysis, and much more……..

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Concise, Result oriented, Decision-enabling research. Intense Brain Storming & Execution.

What we offer

We bring to your our collective experience of Sourcing Intelligence, Direct Procurement, and Market Research. This enables your decision making teams to arrive at mutually acceptable and properly analyzed strategies for potential cost savings, process streamlining, expansion, supplier negotiation, generating new customer leads, etc. related activities.

Market Research & Intelligence

We provide you with the research actionable to your business requirements. This should help you grow and this is our major focus.

Sourcing & Procurement Intelligence

We cover complete gamut to provide actionable and reliable intelligence for your Category Verticals.


We assist you in strategy development or category management. This is covered using various KPIs such as supply chain analysis, spend analysis, portfolio analysis, competitive analysis, etc.

Our Recent Project Approach

Direct from the experienced professionals from various industry verticals…

Market Intelligence

Recently covered reports for verticals of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Industries.

Supply Chain Analysis

Recently assisted large pharma companies in understanding key supply chain strategies for depots in different regions.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is very important to be one step ahead of peers. Our experienced team and a network of exports and KOLs together prepare a very comprehensive competitor profiles.


Our experts recently assisted a Pharma Supply Chain company in understanding new innovations.

Looking for our Project Reports

We provide you one of the best in-class research at one of the most competitive prices.

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Top Categories

Clinical Trials


Industry have seen evolution of clinical trials from normal Site Based Activity to Risk Based Monitoring which is further evolved to Patient Centric and Virtual Clinical Trials
This brings a huge challenge and opportunities for service industry to keep offering solutions suited for next level of challenges. Cost effectiveness and high success rate is very important.

Biosimilar is next level of evolution in overall Pharmaceutical Industry. This becomes so important from the perspective of access low cost/ affordable medicines in Western Europe and USA. Today Biosimilars find good footprint in Europe, whereas in the USA it has just started its journey. Reimbursements & Incentives Policies, Market Access & Approval, Reference Drugs, Interchangeability, etc. are always big challenges for any manufacturer.

For any manufacturer certain factors such as QA Suppliers, Proper Supplies, Process Development, Analytical Development, Raw Materials, Supply Chain Management, Cost Structure Analysis, etc. are key factors for evaluation of setting up effective process in place. 
Chemical and Biological APIs possess different set of challenges, and supply chain industry is evolving very fast in US, Europe, India, and China.