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Staying updated with trends and demands post Covid-19 Pandemic is tough but indispensable. Intelligence is an on-going, time consuming, and resource intensive work which has to be the core focus for all companies. The degree of intelligence one organization possesses helps in building brands, competitiveness, and revenue generating strategies. At Essential Market Insights we help you gather not just “informative intelligence” but “actionable intelligence” in time bound and cost effective manner. Be it any type of Market Research, Market Intelligence, Sourcing Intelligence, Thought Leadership, Surveys, etc. we are the right place for you.

We are professionals from various industrial verticals such as Market Research, Sourcing Intelligence, Procurement of Goods and Services, Supply Chain, and Regulatory. We provide 360 degree research view of all categories.

Why Choose Us?

We fill Gaps

You always require “actionable” intelligence for your business objectives. We identify exact research necessary for your business with quick delivery.

Full Category Playbook

Please get in touch if you require Full Category Playbook which may include Market Research, Strategies, Sourcing Intelligence, Business Opportunities, etc.

Something for everyone

You may be a big company, an MSME, a start-up, an institute, a student working on some research, etc. We have research solutions for everyone.

Intense Brain Storming & Proper Execution

Our standardised approach include Scope & Feasibility Study, Discussion, Secondary & Primary Research, Data Validation & Triangulation, & Project Execution.

Business Objective

Our research for you fulfils our Business Objective of supporting your Business Requirement with Best and Actionable Insights. Your Gain is our Gain.

24x7 Support

Be it pre-project support or post-project support, we are always available to help you with required insights, data, and suggestions. You can count on us anytime.

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Reliable Services

Market Research Report

This is a data intensive report for the category, product, or service which includes past market data, future forecasting data, data for all subsegments, growth factors, regional growth trends, competitive analysis, companies profiles, negotiation levers, etc.

Market Intelligence

This is a customized version of more qualitative research report for your category. The report contains deliverables such as Holistic Market Data, Market Outlook, Growth Factors, Matrices such as PORTER’s Five Forces, Supplier Landscaping, Competitor Analysis, Market Trends, Innovations, etc.

Sourcing Intelligence

This includes a deep dive which provides more strategy level information about Go-To-Market factors. The report majorly focusses on strategies w.r.t. sourcing intelligence such as Market Outlook, Emerging Trends, PORTERs, SWOT and PESTEL, Supply Chain and Value Chain Analysis, Sourcing Best Practices, Competitor Landscaping and Matrices, Spend Analysis, Opportunity Analysis, etc.

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Choose the best services

We got you covered 360 degrees for your research requirements. Our research / reports offering includes the following:

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