Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

A Contract Research Organization (CRO) supports almost all services in Pharma R&D such as Pre Clinical, Clinical Trial Monitoring for Phase I-III, Data Management, Medical Writing, Investigators Staffing, Linguistic Validation, Safety and Regulatory, Patient Recruitment, Procurement of medication and ancillary supplies, etc.

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Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO)

In 2018, the total outsourced market of manufacturing of pharma industry was pegged at USD 80 Bn and it is growing at a rate of close to 8% pa. Small molecules dominate the pharmaceutical sector (approx. 83% by revenue) and are expected to continue doing so for some time; however, growing slower than biologics.

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Clinical Ancillary Supplies

Clinical Ancillary Supplies Service Providers

Clinical Ancillary Products can be anything ranging from cotton swabs and syringes to refrigerators, centrifuges, incubators, etc. These products are used for conducting the clinical trials at a trial sites, and analyzing the results in labs. Today there are dedicated service providers who manage supplies of these clinical ancillary supplies for sponsors.

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Comparators Sourcing Companies

Sourcing comparators drugs is getting complex with more biologics and hard-to-access drugs bring in supply chain circulation. There are specialists companies who act as single point of source for sourcing of all types of drugs such as Small molecules, Large molecules, Vaccines, Orphan Drugs, Restricted Products, Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) for BA/BE studies, etc.

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Drug Wholesalers

Drugs Wholesalers

A pharmaceutical wholesaler/distributor is one of the key players in the healthcare industry. From purchasing medicines and other medical products directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors across the country to supplying it to various segments. Today the role of these players has increased to the level that companies such as Comparators Sourcing Specialists

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